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Outdoor Soft LED Display

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Outdoor Soft LED Display

LED outdoor soft screen´╝Ü
An outdoor high-brightness LED display used to replace the point source pixel screen and engineering projector. It has the characteristics of beautiful display, low cost, long life, simple installation and convenient control.


  • P31.25*31.25MM
  • P31.25*62.5MM
  • P50*50MM
  • P50*200MM

Product Advantage - Super Power Supply Cable
With 1.5 square air cable, one-way power supply has no voltage drop of 50 meters, two-way power supply has no voltage drop of 100 meters, and the total screen is 100 meters without splicing.

Product Advantage - 12v Super Power Supply System

  • The single power supply box is 2400W, and the dual power supply box (upper and lower boxes) reaches 4800W. One or two power distribution boxes can be added to one side, and the single-sided power supply reaches 7200W.
  • Two electric boxes are added on the upper and lower sides (three electric boxes are fixed by brackets), which can supply 14400W, which can meet the power supply system of the display with a distance of over 100 meters.

Product Advantage - Super Control System
Each control box is equipped with 2 smart receiving cards to form a super-strong control system. It can control the super-100 meters without connecting the signal line, and the signal transmission is simpler.

Product Advantage - Minimal Wiring System

  • The screen body is equipped with a super power supply system, and the screen body includes a power supply system and a control system. When installing, it is only necessary to lay one main power supply cable in the upper part and the lower part of the screen body, and each aviation plug can pass 10KW current. The screen has its own gigabit network cable interface, which can be used by docking external signal lines.
  • When installing, fix the screen by fixing the power box (control box) on the top of the screen with expansion screws. Even if the height of the screen reaches 100 meters, the safety of the screen can be ensured. After the screen is lowered, the bottom power box is fixed with expansion screws. If necessary, the buckle can be fixed on the wall in the middle of the screen body, and the screen is installed. Just fine.
  • During the entire installation process, no splicing is required, no pipelines are installed, 80% of installation cost and installation time are saved, and the appearance of the wall is maintained.

Product Advantage - Super Strong Weather Resistance

  • The module is fully filled with glue, the protection ability reaches IP68, anti-uv, cold-resistant -50 degrees Celsius.
  • The module and the aluminum structure are fixed by wire rope and stainless steel strip. The vertical screen body is more than 100 meters and can still resist the 12-level typhoon.

Product Advantage - High Gray Display Effect

  • Compared with ordinary pixel screen, point light source and pixel light strip screen, the imaging effect is 256 times higher and the quality is improved by N times.
  • Ultra-high brightness, 3 sets of lights are one pixel, brightness can exceed 6000nit, and it can display excellent display during day and night.
  • The display controller has a simple structure, integrated networked distribution system, LED control system, and single-player playback system. Self-contained wife can publish information in real time through the network and enable video synchronization
  • built-in media playback function, integrated hardware codec module, support 720P HD video decoding and playback, can be used as a PC host control 600,000 to millions of pixels, lower control system costs
  • Direct output signal to the screen, stable performance, no crash, software upgrade and system maintenance.


Light source wafer 3535 high cup black surface waterproof lamp beads
Colour RGB three in one
Size 1 meter wide and 10-100 meters long
Working voltage DC12V
Power Total power 240W/M2 (average power 100W/m2) pixel pitch: 31.25*31.25/31.25*62.5/50*50/500*100
Viewing angle 120 degrees
Protection level IP68
IC driver 65536 high grey IC
Power Type Standard Power Control System
Controller High Refresh Rate Control System
Service life 100,000 hours
Warranty period 2 years (2 years face maintenance design)

  • Advantage By Super Power Supply Cable

  • Advantage By 12v Super Power Supply System

  • Advantage By 12V Super Control System

  • Advantage By Minimal Wiring System

  • Advantage By Super Strong Weather Resistance

  • Advantage By Super Strong Weather Resistance

  • Advantage By High Gray Display Effect