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Small Pitch LED Display

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Small Pitch LED Display

Since the introduction of the small-pitch LED display in 2012, it has quickly replaced the traditional DLP rear-projection splicing display with its technical advantages such as no seams, long life, wide color gamut, vivid color reproduction, high color gradation and high contrast. . With the rapid decline in the cost of small-pitch led displays, LCD LCD splicing screens, which once dominated the cost-effectiveness, are also facing a large-scale replacement trend.

480*480mm die-cast aluminum front maintenance cabinet:

  • pitch 1.5mm
  • pitch 1.2mm
  • pitch 1.8mm

600*337.5mm die-cast aluminum front maintenance cabinet:

  • pitch 1.5mm
  • pitch 2.5mm
  • pitch 1.8mm


  • Support front and rear installation, disassembly and maintenance, wall mountable, no maintenance access
  • High-precision CNC machining of die-cast aluminum housing with flatness less than 0.2mm
  • Efficient radiation and heat dissipation for extended screen life
  • Hard connection replaces traditional connecting lines, greatly improving product stability
  • Refresh rate is higher than 2880hz, no black scan line, higher image quality 14-bit high grayscale vividly restores the true color of nature
  • Dead point level is controlled at 10 PPM (10 parts per million)
  • Data storage and automatic correction module, no need to manually adjust the replacement module
  • Connection locks are provided on both the upper and lower sides for quick installation and maintenance.
  • Optional redundant power supply and redundant signalling system


Shape Rectangular, Square
Color Multi-Color
Usage Advertising
Power Source Electric
Features Automatic Brightness Control, Time And Temperature Display
Lighting Type LED

FOB Price of the Small Pixel LED Display

Series Model LED pixel pitch(mm) Cabinet Witdth(mm) Cabinet Height(mm) Cabinet
Retail price
UNP 1:1 UNP1.5 SMD1010 1.579 480 480 304*304 600~1000 ₹ 3,20,112.00
UNP1.8 SMD1515 1.875 480 480 256*256 600~1000 ₹ 1,63,425.60
UNP2.5 SMD2020 2.5 480 480 192*192 600~1000 ₹ 1,75,200.00
UNQ 16:9 UNQ1.2 SMD1010 1.25 600 337.5 480*270 600~1000 ₹ 6,06,528.00
UNQ1.5 SMD1010 1.56 600 337.5 384*216 600~1000 ₹ 4,12,776.00